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Content Guidelines

Overall Guidelines

People want to read reliable and credible information on Zupyak. Authentic content is more likely to resonate most, so we work hard to understand what type of posts people consider genuine so that we can rank them higher on our main page. We work to understand what kind of content people find as clickbait, misleading or inappropriate, and should focus on posting accurate and authentic content. Below, we've listed some guidelines to ensure that your content is accurate and authentic.

Content Requirements

  • Content length minimum 1500 characters
  • Content length maximum 1 000 000 characters
  • Meaningful header
  • No clickbait or ads
  • No contact information listed in the article
  • Language: Simple, no jargon, and clear 
  • Image: Non copyrighted, high quality image clearly related to your content

Disallowed Content

  • Gambling and betting
  • Pornography, prostitution or escort services
  • Drug related content including CBD
  • Content related to buying and selling online accounts
  • Illegal websites
  • Piracy
  • Clickbait articles or advertorials
  • Copyrighted content
  • News
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Content related to short term financing (payday loans or similar)
  • Pharmaceutical and tobacco related products including vapes
  • Plastic surgery
  • Religious content
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